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Troll Face Quest 2 Down 1 to go : ) now here is the thing, first two games are based on players reaction and thats pretty much all that got, in other words, both, Scary Maze Game and Dont Let Go are pretty much pointless once you know what it is about. Third game is different from first two. We also talked about game criteria, what do the games have to offer to make it in this blog: Something original, something extraordinary and something really funny.
trollface quest 1.jpg
Whoever said stickman gaming was dead never played Troll Face Quest; One of the funniest games on the net. There are actually series of Troll Face but the original one is the best and the funniest too. Now, we all know Matrix and Saw parodies are old news but they are old news because people used it too much, besides there is a factor of incompetence but thats not the point, in Troll Face quest everything is funny, even the parodies on hundred year old movies. While parodies in this game are fun, thats not the only thing about this game; Quests are absolutely crazy, some puzzles can be solved using logic and some have nothing to do with logic, how about that? What Im trying to say is, It is not an individual element like gameplay or puzzles or music or artwork that make this game epic, its everything else put together, and by the way, musical background fits this game perfectly. Sometimes it gets hard, not all the puzzles are easy to solve and yes, there is a walkthrough button in the game but Id advise you against it, using walkthrough would spoil all the fun in Troll Face.
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