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Dont Let Go Mechanics Essentially, Dont Let Go is a skill game, success of failure depends on your focus and quick responses as well as fast thinking, but this is not what makes the game fun; Now, imagine a regular platformer game where you have to jump and jump over things get past obstacles and stuff and now imagine you are doing this backwards, well not exactly, What I mean you have to actually hold A and D buttons same as Space Bar in order to NOT DO anything, and let go to do something that you otherwise do by pressing, sounds confusing? thats because it is but the game is mega fun, recommended for everyone. Just imagine any game and what if controls were reversed, and you had to let go of them for the game character to move or jump. Imagine you couldnt let go all the keys entirely, and if you would, this would let your character to fly towards his death. It is not as much as an IQ test as source of fun, you will definitely want to show this game to your friends.
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Don't Let Go The very first reaction when you play Dont Let Go would be WTF, the second reaction is “Oh my god this sick” and the third reaction is searching for the Facebook share button to show it to your friends. These three reactions are exactly the ones that make this game epic, despite its simplicity and even primitivism. Such a talented game developer and a game itself could easily inspire you into Googling “how to make flash games”, it certainly inspired me. But as it is with the most epic games, it is not about how complicated code the game has or how stunning visuals, its about something new, something that can either make you laugh or cry. Dont Let Go has it both, I would suggest you to stop reading and play the game instead but for those who wanna know more first, here is how the game works:
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