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Scary Maze Game One of a kind internet prank, Scary Maze Game is known as coolest practical joke on the internet and not without a reason. Idea of this game is rather genius. Jeremy Winterrowd definitely deserves some kind of award for this game. The game looks like an ordinary maze, in which you have a maze and a small dot to control; goal of the game is to bring this dot to the exit without touching the walls. Starting level is easy, like a tutorial, then it gets more challenging and if there wasnt anything else to happen, game is fun by itself, but, this was never the idea of this game, idea was to distruct you from everything else, to keep you focused on 1 thing and that is when the sickest picture of Linda Blair as Regan MacNeil from the 1973 movie The Exorcist pops up with really scary sound effect. This could pretty much blow your mind if you arent ready for it. Even if you are ready, it will still affect you. If you dont believe me, feel free to watch the video below, it shows reactions of Scary Maze Game victims. Games Like Scary Maze Game Many people looking for games like SMG on the internet, games like it, or replicas or the ones that have at least something to do with it. But the truth is, there only 3-4 games like it (not including SMG variations like SMG 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc) There are find hiding object games with identical effect and there is also a Shakey McGee game. Shakey McGee is a little more original then others but the scaring effect is the same. When idea already has been explored, game can never have the same effect. Good news is, you can always use this game to scary the $rap out of people, you family members, boyfriend or girlfriend, or just friends. Update10.6.2013 - New Scary Maze Game is coming . check back later for more info
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Why Flash Games? Naturally, all the games in this blog are flash based, which is why I labeled them as free games. Thing is, you will meet hundreds and thousands of games and with attractive “play now for free” tags but when it gets down to it, these games are never actually free, some of them are demo versions, some are teasers etc. But no developer will ever spend time and effort creating PC/DVD or lets say MMO game that is absolutely free. Flash games are different, 99% of time they are absolutely free. There are special cases when you have to pay for lets say expansion of the very popular game like Kingdom Rush by Armor Games. But rest of the time, flashies are free to play and sometimes even free to download.... What Kind of Games? For a game to be something out of ordinary, just a superb gameplay or graphics isnt enough, basically this blog is not about good games or bad games, its about how funny or how original it is. If you are wondering what else computer games have to offer other than gameplay then it is obvious you dont know what Scary Maze Game is. If so, you should stop reading right this moment and click the image below that will take you to the game page. But scaring the Jesus out of gamers is not the only way to go. There are other games that bring laugh and excitement. This blog will introduce you with 3 most popular games of this sort. Lets start with the Scary Maze Game prank...
I decided to crate this blog to save you some time and trouble looking for coolest online games (free games) of all kind: fun games, internet pranks, lol games and everything that is beyond normal and standard. Being a professional gamer with 15 years old experience can be helpful sometimes; Its not like there are many people out there who dont know what Scary Maze Game is, but Im pretty sure there are lots of people who never heard of the game Dont Let Go! The point is, I will make sure, this blog will not disappoint you and everyone will find something they would like.
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